Message from the Superintendent

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Dear Prairie Grove Parents:

As you are probably aware, bullying issues have received increased national attention in recent years - and rightfully so. The issue has become more prevalent across the country, but it is important to understand that it has been met with increasing local efforts by the schools and community to proactively eliminate bullying among our students. Please know that we do have resources available for your children at Prairie Grove 46.

District 46 has multiple programs in place to help our students put an end to bullying. Under the Board of Education's guidance, the District's administrators, faculty, and students have worked to craft policies, procedures and programs to help protect and educate students about this important issue. Our schools promote a culture of positive character using programs such as ROAR, PAWS, and PBIS. Educational programs in and out of the classroom such as Rachel's Challenge and Second Step help provide guidance necessary to help our students become responsible citizens.

Specifically, we invite you to explore our website for more information about several key initiatives throughout the District. As we continue these efforts, and with your help at home, we believe that we can further limit the reach of bullying in our schools. Should you or your child need assistance with bullying issues, please contact one of our social workers about available resources. Students can also report instances of bullying by simply by using the anti-bullying link on this page.


Lynette Zimmer

Dr. Lynette Zimmer Superintendent