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PG Parent Update (02/11/13)

posted Feb 11, 2013, 7:57 AM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 13, 2013, 4:46 PM ]
Dear PG Parent,

Hope everyone survived the snow the other day! Thank you for your patience. Our bus drivers do an excellent job!

I missed a couple of important announcements that I wanted to get out to everyone prior to my next email. 

  • ISAT Week Coming - 
    • We will be giving your child state-required achievement tests on March 4th – March 15th. Students in grades 4 and 7 will be tested in reading, mathematics, and science. Students in grades 3, 5, 6, and 8 will be tested in reading and mathematics. The tests are a part of the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) program, and are being given to all eligible students. The results of reading, mathematics, and science state tests will be reported to you on the school report card in the fall. We will review state tests results along with other information to help us improve our school program. In addition, you will receive information about your child’s performance on the state tests he or she took.You can help your child do his/her best on the test by:
      • 1. making sure, if possible, that your child attends school on the days of testing;
      • 2. making sure your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before testing;
      • 3. providing breakfast on the mornings of testing;
      • 4. reminding your child to ask the teacher questions if he/she does not understand the test directions;
      • 5. letting your child know that you have confidence in his/her ability to do his/her best; and
      • 6. advising your child not to worry about the test – just do the best he/she can.
    • Please call your child’s teacher if you want additional information or have further questions about these tests. We look forward to sharing the ISAT results with you this fall.
  • Elementary Student Placement Letters due March 15th
    • At this time of the year, some parents start thinking about next school year. Parents wonder how students are placed in class groups and if they can request to have a child placed in a particular classroom. There are many variables that go into making class lists. In this process many characteristics are considered such as, but not limited to, making class lists as balanced as possible, clustering special needs students together to maximize services, matching students’ needs with teacher strengths, and grouping students who will potentially work well together. Because of the complexity of this process, we cannot take requests for specific teachers. Doing so would inhibit us from making equitable classes. Certainly, we know that parents also have good insights into how their children learn. If you would like to request that certain information be considered in a child’s placement, please email me at vwight@dist46.org or write a letter by March 15, as this process begins soon. The most helpful information speaks to the unique needs, talents, and the personality of the child, or the type of classroom structure to which a child best responds. The information you provide will be considered as class groups for next year are finalized and will then be shared with next year’s teacher as an introduction to your child. Once we determine class placements, we will notify parents and students during the month of August.
  • Thank you for all the Variety Show participants and volunteers!
  • PTO Officers
    • It is that time of year again, in which the PTO is looking for candidates for the officer positions. If you are interested please contact the PTO Vice President, Christine Schmidt for further details. You can check out the PTO website at http://dist46.my-pto.org/content.asp?PageID=4. Once again, the PTO has done a fabulous job of working with the school to enhance learning, bring families together and create engaging activities for the students.
  • Principal Chat
    • Please join us at 9:00 a.m. in the Junior High Conference on February 22, 2013 for a discussion on the future of teaching. We will touch on Common Core Standards, new teacher evaluation processes, ISAT changes and other topics. Please RSVP to vwight@dist46.org


Vic Wight