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PG Parent Update (5/28/14)

posted May 28, 2014, 1:42 PM by Web Master   [ updated Aug 11, 2014, 10:50 AM ]
Dear PG Parent/Guardian,

I have a few quick announcements prior to the last week of school!

8th Grade Graduation
8th Grade Graduation is tomorrow evening. Please remember to check what door to enter and what times to arrive. Details can be found at: Dist 46 Graduation Information. If parking is hard to find, additional parking can be found behind the elementary school on the basketball courts, as well as on the grass in the back of the Junior High. 

PTO Sale on Pies
The PTO has a great deal on extra inventory of pies from Market Day. Any 8th grade parent who is in need of a last minute dessert, please contact Amy Goudschaal at magrag@comcast.net. Pies in the inventory are cherry, french silk, strawberry patch cake, raspberry lemonade, turtle cheescake, lemon cake, key lime, strawberry rhubarb, and classic apple. Each pie can be yours for an easy $10.00 cash or check made out to Prairie Grove PTO. If you purchase a pie, you can pick it up at 3:00 p.m. or 8:15 p.m. tomorrow!

Junior High Registration
Junior High Registration Forms and Health Class Permission Slips are due by June 5th! We appreciate your help in getting these turned in on time.

Junior High Placement Letters
Parents of students in grades 6,7, and 8 should be receiving a course placement letter this week. Letters were mailed home on Tuesday, May 27th. 
The letters indicate your child's placement in Literature and Math classes for the 2014-2015 school year. Literature and Math course placements are largely based on this year's MAP scores (Fall, Winter, and Spring), performance in classes this school year, and teacher recommendations. Please contact Nicole Motl at nmotl@dist46.org with any questions regarding your child's placement. 

Elementary ACEs Placement Letters
Each year, student data is collected for students in second through fourth grades. Data includes MAP scores, teacher recommendations, and previous ISAT data. Students who perform strongly on all three measures can be recommended for our ACE Program, which is an Accelerated Curriculum in both Language Arts and Math for 3rd - 5th graders. Placement letters for this program will be going out next week. 

The end of the year is near! I will be sending out one more communication to parents next week.


Vic Wight