Pedagogy & Space Planning

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Found this on the CEFPI website.


Check out page 28 - Section 3.1.2 Pedagogy


"Current research in education suggests that teachers need to become aware that each student acquires a different learning style. Understanding learning styles involves understanding behaviors when approaching, or while involved in different learning experiences and when applying new information and skills in real life situations (Sarasin,1999). More progressive teaching approaches and activities are being introduced in order to accommodate these diverse learning styles and new activities in the classroom are being encouraged. Such approaches, as discussed in the following sections, include collaboration, interactive problem-solving, learning through inquiry, project-based, lecture-based, multidisciplinary, and project-based learning" How do we do this?  What does this look like?  what learning activities are you using know, plan to use tomorrow and hope to use in the future that support these different learning styles?



"The study of learning environments in this research is directly correlated with the pedagogical practices taking place within them; patterns of space are driven by patterns of events. The primary purpose of incorporating innovative architectural solutions in the planning of learning technologies is that the spaces will be able to support a variety of progressive pedagogical models which have been rapidly developing in the world of education"


Sound familiar?  This is the reason for discussion educational philosophy so that we can think about learning activities that support that philosophy (pedagogy) so that we can develop "patterns of space...that are driven by patterns of events."