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K / PreK Registration


Kindergarten and Preschool Registration

will be open for walk-in registration on Thursday afternoons 1:30-3:00 PM in the Elementary/District office or by Appointment.

To set up an appointment
Please call:

Barb Bailey 815-444-4341
Joan McAvoy 815-444-4333

Registration Documents Required

Student’s Official Birth Certificate

Original birth certificate with impressed seal from the county or state in which your child was born. (Hospital certificates will not be accepted.) Note: students entering Kindergarten must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2018 (Board Policy 7:50).

Photo ID

Parent/guardian must present a state issued photo ID in order to register a student.

Proof of Residency:  

Every family Must provide proof of residence within District 46 by presenting current documents (within the last 30 days), in the name of the parent/guardian, from each of the following categories:

Category A (ONE document required)

Category B (TWO documents required)

  • Gas bill

  • Electric bill

  • Water/sewer bill

  • Phone bill (not mobile phone)

  • Cable bill

  • Vehicle registration

  • Bank statement

  • Public aid card

  • Medicaid card

  • Food stamp card

  • Credit card statement

  • Pay check stub

  • City sticker receipt

Please print and complete the registration packet and General Residency Form #1. (Complete up to Step 4 on General Residency Form #1, Step 4 MUST be completed in front of a district employee.)

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