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Returning Students


Returning Students

Registration Documents Required

Proof of Residency:  

Every family Must provide proof of residency within District 46 by presenting current documents (within the last 30 days), in the name of the parent/guardian, from each of the following categories:

Category A (ONE document required)

Category B (TWO documents required)

  • Gas bill

  • Electric bill

  • Water/sewer bill

  • Phone bill (not mobile phone)

  • Cable bill

  • Vehicle registration

  • Bank statement

  • Public aid card

  • Medicaid card

  • Food stamp card

  • Credit card statement

  • Pay check stub

  • City sticker receipt

Please print and complete the General Residency Form #1. (Complete up to Step 4 on General Residency Form #1, Step 4 MUST be completed in front of a district employee.)

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